Clotilda Marguerite Zauder

Short Fused, much like her affinity bomb, she has a very explosive persanality


Clotilda Marguerite Zauder aka cleo, Freddy daughter is a very short tempered high demanding girl that has a things for blowing up literally, when she was thirteen and was forced to go on her spirit journey she found herself in a demolition site, where she found her affinity for bombs.

Ever since then she’s been on a major crime spree, mostly with her dad, He says its good practice for her powers, which really means “I’m in debt” or the old lady demanded it. In any case, Cleo isn’t a easy girl to control, very few now how, but ever since they found that dragon she seems much more com, devoting most of her attention to trying and teach the thing their language, strangely enough they work well together.

Clotilda Marguerite Zauder

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