Young Woman Speaks Up for Supernaturals

[Ottawa] A little ray of hope for the supernatural community today, as a young woman is gaining supporters across the world for Supernatural rights and her ideas about a place where they can shop without prejudice. It all started when she spontaneously caused a stir on the streets while talking to a few other supernaturals. Everywhere she went, people were watching and listening. “I think that the Witch Hammer and that new church are really getting to people,” said Denise Chandler, who works as a nurse at the hospital. She went on to plead that the young woman should make a scheduled speech to the general public – they certainly seemed receptive of it!

But the story doesn’t end there. Someone took a video of it and posted it on YouTube, and it already has 3,000 views. Of course there are always the detractors…. “chck this grl out she’s suporting the freaks but evryones eating it whole!!” says tridick99, but ABetterWorld4You is the top commenter with this statement: “That is such a brilliant idea, a mall just for supernaturals. As it is, there is this whole market segment which store owners are afraid to cater to. Even the most famous magical bookstore in the US has given itself a name that intentionally hides its purpose from those who aren’t specifically looking for it. (I won’t say which one, but if you’ve ever bought a ritual book you know who I mean!) Once again the Canadians are ahead of us, ahead of the times… I wish you all the best of luck in setting up your mall!”

- Danielle Currie, The Ottawa Free Press

Ottawa South MP Found Dead

[Ottawa] Shocking news has hit the city of Ottawa today as police tape around the home of Ottawa MP Trevor O’Neil alerted citizens that something was wrong. It was not until late last night that the police issued a statement confirming the worst: O’Neil had been found dead in his own home.

O’Neil had recently been making the news as the first-ever supernaturally-inclined politician to have a chance at getting elected to office. The previous incumbent, Charles Mulligan of the Liberals, had stepped down for personal reasons, and O’Neil was cleared to run as an independent in the by-election next month.

The police have been loathe to release information, since the investigation is ongoing, however they were willing to tell us that O’Neil’s wife of 8 years and their young daughter both escaped unharmed, and that foul play seems likely. Of course, this has sparked a flurry of rumours that the murder was politically motivated, not only because of O’Neil’s left-wing tendencies but of course because of his lizard-like skin, which he had always claimed was his only connection to the supernatural. Nonetheless, it would have been a major precedent which had many up in arms in the last few weeks.

— R. Kenneth Kale, The Ottawa Connection

Holy Helping Hands

[Ottawa] One church in Ontario is going extra measures to help out the needy in a time of uncertainty. Reverend Donovan Ross, of the increasingly popular Church of Imminent Redemption, has fired up his congregation to put their time and effort into building an entire campus around the church. The new buildings contain a comprehensive first-aid station, a growing library, perimeter defenses, and kitchens and beds for anyone who needs something to eat or a place to sleep.

A dozen hard-working members of the community were hauling supplies when we came to see the progress. “Reverend Ross is just fantastic,” one said. “He accepts anybody, as long as they are willing to repent. Of course I’m willing to contribute some of my spare time to make the church able to continue helping people out.”

The Reverend himself was knee-deep in mud, sleeves rolled up and preparing an area to recieve a concrete foundation. “It is clear that we are entering a time of great tribulation,” he told us. “Dark witchcraft and creatures of Satan run amuck in our cities, and drive those unsupported by the Holy Spirit to sin. We are making this church a fortress to stand against the Darkness. Anyone who needs refuge in this time of troubles is welcome at the church. Our doors will not be closed save against the servants of Evil.”

The Church is even inspiring others to act. “Oh yes,” said a member of Saint Joseph’s. “We’re trying to organize a team to do the same. We’re a small group, but we think we can add a room to the church where people with no home can stay the night.”

- Colleen O’Malley, The Ottawa Connection

More to the Anastasia Story Revealed

[Moscow] For decades the well-known story of Anastasia, daughter of Nicholas the second, has been a mystery to historians. The rest of the family was murdered, but decades later when the bones were dug up, it was discovered that the bones of Anastasia and her brother were missing, which is what first sparked interest in the story and made it famous around the world. Several people had claimed to be Anastasia, some more convincingly than others – knowing things that only Anastasia could have known. Recently, the case was declared closed when a second grave-site was found, with two bodies confirmed by DNA to be the two missing children. However, many were not satisfied with this explanation. It has never been known how the woman known as Anna Anderson, proven by many to not be related to the family at all, could have so successfully charaded as her for as long as she did.

But last week, the famous Oracle from Canada took an interest in the case, and discovered the exact details of the event. Not only did he uncover the way in which the two children got separated from their parents – a harrowing few minutes involving bullets bouncing off of jewelery and a brother pulling his sister out of the line of fire and past several guards before being killed themselves – but also the secret that has eluded all those interested in the story before now: that the spirit of Anastasia actually then left her body and eventually possessed and guided Anna Anderson. This has explained so many inconsistencies and given a lot of needed closure to the histories. Many thanks to the Oracle from the people of Russia.

- Mikhail Petrovich Svatkowski, Moscow Minutes

Things Returning to Normal

((Note: as we changed the timeline of our game after I wrote these articles, please pretend that the previous 4 articles happened closer together, from July 22nd to July 23rd. ie, the first game happened in real-time at the end of June but I’m just going to pretend it happened about a day before our July game. This article is a week after the last most-recent article.))

[Ottawa] Over the past week, crime rates have dropped an astonishing amount, according to information from an RCMP officer during a press conference yesterday. Officer Rowley attributes the change partially to the hard work done by law enforcement in the city, however she did allude to “the removal of that oppressive cloud” which, she says, has led to a “general feeling of camaraderie” among the populace. This corroborates statements by the outspoken “expert” Wendy Johnson, who claimed earlier that a psychic attack was occurring, but now says that the attack has, without explanation, dramatically decreased in intensity.

Citizens are warned to remain alert. “We do not know what has been happening recently, or what group was the cause of recent criminal activity. Things are looking up, and we are very positive that in the next little while we can sort everything out, but please do not assume that everything is going to go back to normal in just a few days.”

— R. Kenneth Kale, The Ottawa Connection

Travel to Detroit Possible Again

[Washington] Some badly-timed issues with the Detroit Metro airport needing to close for several days due to a leaking pipeline under the main runway, rioting over a lost hockey game in downtown causing an increased police presence and citizens being asked to stay in their homes, and problems with the highways blocking traffic into the city, all at once, left many wondering what was going on. Wild reports of strange happenings, aggressive monsters and even an alien invasion were appearing on private blogs across the nation. However, with these minor problems now resolved, we can say with confidence that everything is normal in the city of Detroit.

Dorothy Beattie, The Washington Post

Something More Sinister

[Ottawa] In the wake of what many are calling the Night of Riots, crime has yet to return to standard levels. Hospital staff are striving to deal with the influx of patients, and police in every city are trying to call in backup, with of course no one able to answer the call. No one seems to want to admit it, but something is going on here.

A team of psychics has gone on record stating that there has been a pervasive psychic attack since that night. More mainstream newspapers are trying to downplay the comments, but what if this is true? It would go a long way to explaining the mood in cities across the world right now.

Many are blaming the convicted demoniac Kurt Greeve and calling it a day, but clearly he was not acting alone. Have you stopped to wonder what else happened just before the Night of Riots? You might recall that there was a dark ritual, which the militant American organization the Witch Hammer – whom you might recall has a substantial number of their members convicted of various crimes – claims to have stopped. What if they failed? Or what if, rather than stopping it, they set up the whole thing? What if this ritual was only a decoy for another, worse one, somewhere else? Or, what if they are working together with Greeve to route their success into something more sinister? There are any number of explanations, and the degree to which they sound like conspiracies is going down in my mind as time goes by and things fail to return to normal.

Just keep your eyes and your mind open, and together we’ll get to the bottom of this!

— Danielle Currie, The Ottawa Free Press

Freaks Welcomed

[Ottawa] The supernatural community has seen a lot of hatred and anger in the days since a supernatural cult was caught trying to perform a dark ritual. One bar owner, Lianda Simmons of the Night Stallion in our own Kanata, has been speaking out against this. “The cult was one group of bad individuals,” she says. “That doesn’t mean that all supernaturals are evil. In these hard times, we need to come together. I just want everyone to know that in the wake of these events, the Night Stallion offers shelter to any who need it, both supernatural and mundane. We have wards of protection and it is a safe place where intolerance is not, shall we say, tolerated.”

Simmons is a supernatural herself, so her sentiments do not come as a surprise. The bar has long been controversial for its policy to let absolutely anybody through the doors, a policy which has resulted in the place being an unofficial meeting grounds for a large variety of folks.

— R. Kenneth Kale, The Ottawa Connection

Psychic Attack, Says Ward Seller

[Mexico City] Psychic expert Andrea Rivera warns readers to protect themselves. “There is a psychic effect in the air for at least a day now. I cannot say what it means, except that it is dangerous, and may be affecting your emotional responses. Please try to find some means of protection against it.” Rivera owns and operates a store specializing in magical wards in Durango, Mexico. “Do not venture outside alone if you can help it,” she says, “and if you find yourself becoming angry, keep in mind that it is probably not your own feelings. Try to remain calm against the external pressure on you. If you get upset and do something irrational, you are only acting in the way that somebody else wants you to. And whoever has done this, it cannot be good.”

Rivera is joined in the warning by several other psychics, some in the United States. “Clearly, the attack has had a lot of success so far,” says Wendy Johnson of Texas, who is the host of the infamous daytime show, Simple Magic in the Home. “It is clearly the cause of riots that have been occurring across the country these past few days. Many, many people have succumbed to it. Crime is going up. Accidents are clearly going up. Attitudes against the supernatural have been worse than ever, and people are afraid to leave their homes.”

— Jose Rodriguez, Mexico City Tribune

The Night of Riots

[New York] Last night, hundreds of unexplained riots broke out across the globe. Very few of them had more than a dozen participants and police were mostly able to keep things under control, however the timing has police chief Hal Biebe of New York postulating that it may have been a carefully synchronized effort. “To what means, I cannot say,” he told the New York Times in an interview, “but it clearly seems to have been coordinated. We are already looking into the possibilities and of course, if any person is willing to step forward with information on the target of the attacks, it would be greatly appreciated.”

— Janet McEwan, The New York Gazette


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