Psychic Attack, Says Ward Seller

[Mexico City] Psychic expert Andrea Rivera warns readers to protect themselves. “There is a psychic effect in the air for at least a day now. I cannot say what it means, except that it is dangerous, and may be affecting your emotional responses. Please try to find some means of protection against it.” Rivera owns and operates a store specializing in magical wards in Durango, Mexico. “Do not venture outside alone if you can help it,” she says, “and if you find yourself becoming angry, keep in mind that it is probably not your own feelings. Try to remain calm against the external pressure on you. If you get upset and do something irrational, you are only acting in the way that somebody else wants you to. And whoever has done this, it cannot be good.”

Rivera is joined in the warning by several other psychics, some in the United States. “Clearly, the attack has had a lot of success so far,” says Wendy Johnson of Texas, who is the host of the infamous daytime show, Simple Magic in the Home. “It is clearly the cause of riots that have been occurring across the country these past few days. Many, many people have succumbed to it. Crime is going up. Accidents are clearly going up. Attitudes against the supernatural have been worse than ever, and people are afraid to leave their homes.”

— Jose Rodriguez, Mexico City Tribune

The Night of Riots

[New York] Last night, hundreds of unexplained riots broke out across the globe. Very few of them had more than a dozen participants and police were mostly able to keep things under control, however the timing has police chief Hal Biebe of New York postulating that it may have been a carefully synchronized effort. “To what means, I cannot say,” he told the New York Times in an interview, “but it clearly seems to have been coordinated. We are already looking into the possibilities and of course, if any person is willing to step forward with information on the target of the attacks, it would be greatly appreciated.”

— Janet McEwan, The New York Gazette

Werewolf Cult Stopped Just In Time

[Detroit] The moon shows a gruesome scene on the edge of Detroit this night. Bodies are strewn across a ritual circle with a diameter the width of a football field. Black candles and human-looking skulls are tipped over around the edges, a mysterious rune repeated in crude charcoal over and over around it. “The ritual,” says Witch Hammer spokesman Will McGriffon, “was a dark summoning of some sort. Given the scope of the elements and the number of casters involved, it would have been a whopper. Luckily, we’ve been tracking the movements of this cult for months, and were able to find them and put a stop to it before the ritual was completed.”

Witch Hammer, an American organization of defense against supernatural threats, has existed for over three hundred years. The cult that McGriffon is referring to seems to have existed for even longer – a highly secretive sect of werewolves who have a history of horrific actions in the name of their evil god. “These monsters almost succeeded in performing a very evil, very dangerous summoning. The Witch Hammer was able to come together and put a stop to it. But we ask that ordinary citizens do their part in making sure this sort of thing never happens. Please report any suspicious activity that you see, especially anything that a werewolf or other supernatural creature is doing.”

— Brent Tell, The Detroit Times


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