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NPCs are shown in grey.

The Zauber Family

  • Margarite Zauber, matriarch
  • Freddy Zauber (Jim)
  • and Emma Zauber (Janice)
  • Emma & Freddy’s daughter, Cleo Zauber (Ayla)
  • A young dragon associated with the family, Felina (Shyla)
  • The estranged brother & policeman, Frank Zauber (Mark)

Team.. something

  • The Oracle, Stephan Levoyant (Steve)
  • Kurt Greeve, an exorcist (Paul)
  • Birdie, a vampire (Jessica)

Miscellaneous / Undeclared Allegiance

  • Osheen Freashwater, a mage (Erik)
  • Satori, a mage (Vince)
  • Donovan Ross, an anti-monster evangelist (Mike)
  • ???, a cat spririt (Darla)
  • Wusse, something not-quite-human (Bill)
  • (Matt)
  • Bartender of the Night Stallion, Lianda Simmons (Laura, GM)


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