Grand Opening This Saturday

[Nepean] The much-anticipated Mojo Market will finally debut this Saturday. It has managed to pull together a stellar collection of stores, including a second outlet of Thyme’s Square Boutiques, the first Canadian location of Grim’s Books, the newly minted Freshwater Academy, Nature’s Blessings, a fresh juice bar, and access to the famous Oracle. It has also been rumoured that there will be a previously unannouced surprise, a speculation that came about after co-owner Fred Zauber was seen carrying some interesting items into the market.

Although the market has seen much protest to its opening, we in the supernatural community are excited for this weekend. If people can just be willing to ignore the haters and step inside this warm and sure-to-be-amazing atmosphere, this is sure to be a huge step toward acceptance of each other. Come to 3500 Fallowfield Road, Nepean, just outside of Ottawa – and welcome!

- Danielle Currie, The Ottawa Free Press



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