Holy Helping Hands

[Ottawa] One church in Ontario is going extra measures to help out the needy in a time of uncertainty. Reverend Donovan Ross, of the increasingly popular Church of Imminent Redemption, has fired up his congregation to put their time and effort into building an entire campus around the church. The new buildings contain a comprehensive first-aid station, a growing library, perimeter defenses, and kitchens and beds for anyone who needs something to eat or a place to sleep.

A dozen hard-working members of the community were hauling supplies when we came to see the progress. “Reverend Ross is just fantastic,” one said. “He accepts anybody, as long as they are willing to repent. Of course I’m willing to contribute some of my spare time to make the church able to continue helping people out.”

The Reverend himself was knee-deep in mud, sleeves rolled up and preparing an area to recieve a concrete foundation. “It is clear that we are entering a time of great tribulation,” he told us. “Dark witchcraft and creatures of Satan run amuck in our cities, and drive those unsupported by the Holy Spirit to sin. We are making this church a fortress to stand against the Darkness. Anyone who needs refuge in this time of troubles is welcome at the church. Our doors will not be closed save against the servants of Evil.”

The Church is even inspiring others to act. “Oh yes,” said a member of Saint Joseph’s. “We’re trying to organize a team to do the same. We’re a small group, but we think we can add a room to the church where people with no home can stay the night.”

- Colleen O’Malley, The Ottawa Connection



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