One Year Later, Harnish is Mourned

[London] Just as the friends and family of missing clergyman Donovan Ross gathered last month in a “celebration and sending off”, so now the family of Warren Harnish, whose disappearance caused such a stir last year, has decided to move on.

“We recognize that at this point, it is very unlikely that Warren is still alive,” said a teary-eyed Lisa Harnish, his sister. “Of course I am hoping that he still is, but we need to realize the futility of spending every moment looking for him. If we find him, it will be because he has gotten free of whatever is holding him, and for no other reason. Instead, I will take solace in God and my husband and son, Gabriel.”

Officer Banjeet, who was on the primary team working on the case, had this to say: “We have just had no new evidence for many months. In cases like this, if the person is not found within a few weeks, the chances of their ever being found is dramatically decreased. The case file is still open and we continue to search for evidence, however I am pleased that the family is taking this step. There is no point in their continuing to mourn for him in little ways each day. Instead, they will have their ceremony this weekend, and I hope that it gives them some closure. We will continue to look for Mr. Harnish, but, dead or alive, I think this is what he would have wanted.”

- M. Nicholas, The London Herald



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