Young Woman Speaks Up for Supernaturals

[Ottawa] A little ray of hope for the supernatural community today, as a young woman is gaining supporters across the world for Supernatural rights and her ideas about a place where they can shop without prejudice. It all started when she spontaneously caused a stir on the streets while talking to a few other supernaturals. Everywhere she went, people were watching and listening. “I think that the Witch Hammer and that new church are really getting to people,” said Denise Chandler, who works as a nurse at the hospital. She went on to plead that the young woman should make a scheduled speech to the general public – they certainly seemed receptive of it!

But the story doesn’t end there. Someone took a video of it and posted it on YouTube, and it already has 3,000 views. Of course there are always the detractors…. “chck this grl out she’s suporting the freaks but evryones eating it whole!!” says tridick99, but ABetterWorld4You is the top commenter with this statement: “That is such a brilliant idea, a mall just for supernaturals. As it is, there is this whole market segment which store owners are afraid to cater to. Even the most famous magical bookstore in the US has given itself a name that intentionally hides its purpose from those who aren’t specifically looking for it. (I won’t say which one, but if you’ve ever bought a ritual book you know who I mean!) Once again the Canadians are ahead of us, ahead of the times… I wish you all the best of luck in setting up your mall!”

- Danielle Currie, The Ottawa Free Press



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