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  • Werewolf Cult Stopped Just In Time

    [Detroit] The moon shows a gruesome scene on the edge of Detroit this night. Bodies are strewn across a ritual circle with a diameter the width of a football field. Black candles and human-looking skulls are tipped over around the edges, a mysterious

  • The Night of Riots

    [New York] Last night, hundreds of unexplained riots broke out across the globe. Very few of them had more than a dozen participants and police were mostly able to keep things under control, however the timing has police chief Hal Biebe of New York

  • Psychic Attack, Says Ward Seller

    [Mexico City] Psychic expert Andrea Rivera warns readers to protect themselves. There is a psychic effect in the air for at least a day now. I cannot say what it means, except that it is dangerous, and may be affecting your emotional responses

  • Freaks Welcomed

    [Ottawa] The supernatural community has seen a lot of hatred and anger in the days since a supernatural cult was caught trying to perform a dark ritual. One bar owner, Lianda Simmons of the Night Stallion in our own Kanata, has been speaking out

  • Something More Sinister

    [Ottawa] In the wake of what many are calling the Night of Riots, crime has yet to return to standard levels. Hospital staff are striving to deal with the influx of patients, and police in every city are trying to call in backup, with of course no one

  • Things Returning to Normal

    ((Note: as we changed the timeline of our game after I wrote these articles, please pretend that the previous 4 articles happened closer together, from July 22nd to July 23rd. ie, the first game happened in real-time at the end of June but I

  • Mojo Market Mayhem

    [Ottawa Area] This Saturday was the grand opening of the Mojo Market. Many had high hopes for the mall, which was to concentrate on supernatural goods and services, but would welcome any who arrived at its doors. The Mojo Market, I hope, will

  • Man Found Dead in Apartment

    [Ottawa] Police surrounded an apartment complex in northern Ottawa last night after gunshots were reportedly heard by neighbours.

    I was just doing the dishes, said Cathy Yeoman, who lived just next door. I wasnt sure where the shots came

  • One Year Later, Harnish is Mourned

    [London] Just as the friends and family of missing clergyman Donovan Ross gathered last month in a celebration and sending off, so now the family of Warren Harnish, whose disappearance caused such a stir last year, has decided to move on.