Downtime Actions

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Actions will always be due the weekend two weeks prior to the game. Officially that means that if the game is running Saturday June 25th, you have until midnight on Sunday, June 11th to get them in. Unofficially, I doubt I’ll be checking my email between midnight and say, 7am, so you’ll almost certainly be OK up to then. Any later than that and you risk my having started to work on them, in which case I won’t accept them.

There will be a round of actions between character creation day and the first game for anyone who has gotten me their background and finished character sheet. You can send the background along with the actions, but try to get the character sheet in earlier than that because if it doesn’t add up, you probably won’t be able to do your actions.

Note that when Mike ran his game, he had two rounds of Downtime in a month. This did not let you accomplish more, however it did let you see the results of some actions before choosing the rest. I would love to do this, however I’m not sure how long Actions are going to take me to resolve. I expect to be slow at it at first. So we might change to this later, however we are going to start with 1 round per month for my sake.

Downtime Actions

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