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Character Death

I am changing my policy on this. Mike has made a suggestion to me that sounds really great, so I’m going to adopt it. When your player does something that might get you killed, you get to make a choice:

a) Take no risk of death. If your character would have died, something happens instead that leaves you injured or trapped or some such – probably not desirable circumstances, but not dead. (In games, you have to spend an Opportunity to do this. In downtime, you do not).

b) Take the risk – double or nothing. If things shake out such that you would die, then you die. (And make a new one at full points). If they don’t, then you get an automatic Dramatic success (something that you normally have to pay an opportunity to get).

I suspect enough players would opt for option B that the game won’t end up leaving the characters with the sense that there is no danger.

Other notes:

  • If you wish to play your old character as a ghost, that’s fine.
  • If you want to have a possible future character exist in the game right now as an NPC, that’s super-cool. Please tell me about it.
  • Don’t forget that Reincarnation isn’t absolute immunity at level 10. I suspect that even at level 20, a determined, knowledgeable, resourceful and possibly lucky enemy might be able to put you down for good with powerful magic. I’m not going to do that without plenty of warning, though, and also not if you don’t have Wanted on your character sheet (or earn it through your actions).

Old policy:

Just to get this out there, I will kill characters for doing stupid things. The world is dangerous, and if nobody ever dies, then it downplays the risk for the characters. The characters should be scared. However, players hopefully will not mind too much if their characters die occasionally, since they get to make a new one. If you don’t want your character to die, then don’t do things like go off and fight baddies alone. (Not that you necessarily will die if you do this. You might also get horribly maimed.)

I guess you could also try including texts like “I’m aware I might die here and that’s OK” or “Please don’t kill me!” with your Downtime Actions. The latter won’t get you immunity but it will at least tell me how you feel about it, and possibly sway things a little.

The “Bar”

On a nicer topic, I have permission from FRAG to incorporate drinks from the kitchen into our game. The setting for at least the first game is a bar, and I am playing the bartender as an excuse for people who need to come ask me questions… but I am also selling drinks. They are all be colour-coded, ie 7up is Green Stallion, Coke is Red Stallion, etc. I may post the menu on the wiki; it will also be above the bar at each game. For the next game, FRAG has agreed to teach me to use the till and I will also be selling food. Anyway, bring cash if you want to take advantage of this.

General Policies

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